The environmental charter

Our commitment

Our environmental charter

We are pleased to share with you our commitment to sustainable development and the better living together of tomorrow.

Our efforts and actions are continuous, renewed, adapted and sustainable, all with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. This is achieved by implementing, learning and transmitting good practices to our team and to our customers.

The water

In order to limit waste, we suggest that you reduce your consumption of water, energy and cleaning products and that you do not change your sheets and towels every day. Bedding will be changed on a daily basis, however, the linen will be changed after a stay of more than 5 nights or when the need will be noticed by our chambermaids (stained or too wet linen). An overconsumption of bed linen or bath linen will result in additional billing.

Energy management

"It's not Versailles here! "

Yes, this phrase, which has become a cult, also applies to Les Roches Fleuries. We thank you for turning off the lights, the television or any other device when you are not present in your room.

Reducing and recovering our waste

We try to limit our printing, that's why your invoices will be sent to you by mail. We sort batteries, light bulbs, cartridges, used oil, glass and plastic. We invite you to participate with us in this selective sorting, do not hesitate to leave your waste to be sorted in the waste paper basket of your room. All printing of cards, booklets or other business cards are made from recycled paper.

Responsible purchasing

We check and follow the environmental commitment of our suppliers. We favor short circuits, local producers and suppliers. We aim to create our own vegetable garden to ensure the production of vegetables and fruits according to the mountain climate. We use eco-labeled products as soon as they are compatible with our expectations of quality and hygiene. We are also committed to ensuring that our purchases of furniture and wooden constructions come from sustainably managed forests.

It is on a daily basis that we act for the protection of resources and the sustainability of our planet!

For more information, do not hesitate to ask our team your questions.

Mélanie Courant & François Heduit - Directors of Les Roches Fleuries

As well as our entire Roches Fleurie Team

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